Core Balance for the Lumbar Spine: A Workshop with Narelle Carter-Quinlan

In anatomy, lumbar is an adjective that means ...

California Yoga Center offers fine workshops throughout the year but I am particularly excited about this one.

I met Narelle, who’s from Australia, two years ago when we attended Gil Hedley’s Anatomy Workshop in San Francisco.  Her soft-spoken nature belies an intense devotion to her work.

This workshop is going to be of interest to anyone with a fragile lumbar spine, but should be of special interest to yoga and body movement teachers.  It will be of tremendous benefit to new teachers who would like to improve their understanding of the structure of the spine.

I highly recommend it!  You can register online by clicking here.

Core Balance: Stabilizing Lumbar Spine & Sacrum with Narelle Carter-Quinlan

Sunday, August 5 from 1:30-4:30 pm in Mountain View

Through a clear and richly detailed slide presentation illuminating the contribution of deep postural muscles and application of this information to asana practice, Narelle Carter-Quinlan will help us come to an embodied and functional understanding of lumbar spine and sacrum stability.

This workshop is open to anyone with at least one year of yoga experience. The material is of particular relevance to those working with, or supporting, students with general low back pain.

Narelle Carter-Quinlan has been passionately engaged with yoga, dance and embodied movement practices for over 45 years.  Since 2007. Narelle has presented her scholarly and movement research in Yoga and Scoliosis International Conferences, including the World Congress for Low Back and Pelvic pain in Los Angeles, November 2010. For more on Narelle, go to her web site.

Fee is $65 in advance and $75 on the day of the event.