How to Give: Heifer International

Irish Goat

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I have the best clients.  In the world.  Ever.  Each and every single one is generous, compassionate, funny.  They all have fascinating life stories.  Many have been to war, some have handled life threatening illnesses with grace and humor and one even received a Congressional Gold Medal.  So to say that I am grateful they are in my life seems inadequate.  Let’s put it this way – they’ve taught me more than I’ve taught them.  I’ve learned how to share, how to tread lightly, how to rise above.  I’ve learned how to dream.  I’ve been encouraged, taken on adventures and, when I’ve felt out of my depth and overwhelmed, I’ve been comforted.

And today two of my clients gave me a goat.

They could have chosen water buffalo, camels, beehives or bunnies but settled on a little goat.  My Christmas goat will provide nourishment to a family in need. Some of her offspring will be given to other families in need, to offer them nourishment, too.  So my one special little goat is a true perpetual gift.

Until this morning I had never heard of Heifer International.  Established in 1944, the organization ‘has provided livestock and training in environmentally sound agriculture to those with genuine need.  Recipients also agree to Pass on the Gift of one or more of their animals’ offspring and training to others in need, creating an ever-widening circle of hope.’

You can find out more about Heifer International at or by calling 1-800-422-0474.


31 thoughts on “How to Give: Heifer International

  1. Came here as part of Nathan Bransford’s Heifer challenge. I’m doing it, too. Every comment = food on someone’s table!

    Here’s to goats (& those who appreciate them) everywhere!


  2. Linda Furness

    love that you blogged and FB’d about Heifer International, and gratitude – two great things!


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