Election Day

Four years ago I didn’t realize how much I needed to see a woman in the White House until it didn’t happen.  And when it didn’t happen I was bereft. I was also afraid for the future of our country. I had taken the election for granted and was too ill-informed to understand how it could have possibly happened that we elected our current President. I remember feeling dazed and finally falling asleep, well past midnight, on the couch of the house where I happened to be cat sitting.

The following morning I headed to Samyama Yoga Center to teach my 8:15 AM class.  I wasn’t convinced that, under the circumstances, anyone would arrive ready to unroll their mat. But they did. Shell-shocked and slack jawed, their eyes swollen from crying too much the night before. 

I hope that tomorrow, when I open my Zoom class, that we are all crying again. This time for joy.

We are so close. So close. But I still have some left over sorrow from 2016 so I’m not going to raise my hopes. I’m going to be patient. And whether it takes a day or a week or a month I’ll be ready to celebrate and ready to thank all the women who came before me. The women who fought for the right to vote and the women who fought – and still fight – for equality.

Today is a very big deal and I’m trying my best to stay calm.

Cooking keeps me calm. I’ve been cooking. Alot.

On Sunday morning I filled the refrigerator with food for the week: rice and lentils, quinoa salad with toasted hazelnuts, congee and sweet potato chili. I filled the freezer, too. On Sunday afternoon I finally took a chance with the ‘yogurt’ button on my Instant Pot Duo and made the cottage cheese we ate with slices of fresh off the vine tomatoes we nurtured on our porch through the summer. Yesterday I made yogurt. This morning I spooned its creamy whiteness into cheesecloth bags and set them up to drain through the day. By this afternoon it will be labneh thick and ready to spoon over berries or baked potatoes. Right now, not even 9:00 AM, I’m caramelizing onions in my cast iron pan. I can freeze some to use later but I have a feeling they won’t last long enough. Most of them are going to grace the caramelized onion and mushroom pizza I’m making for dinner tonight.

Most of my typical Tuesday schedule has been canceled. Peer coaches I had arranged to meet pressed pause for the day and my mentor canceled class today in order to fight the good electoral fight on the streets of New York. I’m teaching a class this afternoon for the pain group in San Mateo and have a meeting with my trauma study group at about the same time as Brian, Rachel, Nicole and Joy begin to report early results. After that you’ll find me eating pizza and streaming MSNBC.

The onions are, at last, caramelized (it took an hour!) and now I’m headed out for a very, very long walk. I might head down to Shoreline but it’s more likely that I’ll speed walk my way around the neighborhood. 

What are you doing today?

6 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. Tessa

    Hiked at Wunderlich this morning – the redwoods are always beautiful and healing. Then did zoom cooking with my 5 year old granddaughter in Colorado – we made butternut squash soup, so there’s dinner ready! Now I’m trying not to feel edgy and impatient about results – thanks Lynda for the pearls reminder, am going to put mine on now.


    • Oh Tessa that sounds like such a nice day! And the butternut squash soup sounds delicious. I’m getting a little edgy and impatient…I’m glad I have a class to teach and some work to preoccupy me this afternoon. But I wish I had pearls!


  2. Janet Constantinou

    Just took a glorious bike ride, no traffic, blue skies, perfect temperature and the magic of changing autumnal colors. I’m bursting with anticipation for good results.


  3. Lynda Alexander

    Lovely and so true! I taught a Zoom yoga class. The meditation was “I don’t need to know.” How do we teach ourselves patience (I feel I’m the last person who should teach this!). Making some soup in the instant Pot, beans, GF pasta, vegetables of all type, turmeric, onion, etc. It feels like a calming thing to do as well as to look forward to eat for several days. Probably taking our tiny toy poodle in to see the Vet….she most likely has diabetes and we just discovered her excess drinking….but she is 14 years old. So, spending time with her. Oh, and last but not least….wearing my RBG pearls in solidarity.


    • My Instant Pot is a constant source of comfort…comfort food! Our Bruce is nearing 20 and has no idea about the time change. Instead of meow-ing me awake at 5AM she’s now coming in at 4AM. Sheesh. But we love our animal companions!


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