Singing Dragons and a Better Me

Putting together a ‘little something’ for a blog and wanting to be a published author are different mental activities. I arrived at this obvious conclusion two different ways. 

On August 8, 2018 at 5:00 PvTOk5zX4QYi1IByBEiHxVAM I submitted my first book proposal to the wonderful Claire Wilson at Singing Dragon Publishers. I met Claire at SYTAR, the Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research I attended in Virginia last June and from where I  wrote my last post for Practically Twisted. The process of creating a non-fiction book proposal is intense, time consuming and, at times, thrilling. It is also a process that forces you to question your goals and motivations. The process asks you to look at what is real and what might be possible.

I pressed ‘send’ that afternoon and am now waiting. I feel a little empty – as if the act of creating the proposal drainedany desire to write anything ever again (as I, of course, sit here writing).

After I submitted the proposal I began to ask myself questions. How would my life change if Singing Dragon picked up my proposal? Where would I find the time to write? How long would it take me? Would I have to quit teaching? Abandon private clients?

This long list of irrelevant questions, instead of rooting me in the present, dragged me into a unpredictable future. They interrupted the flow of oxygen and almost extinguished the little flame that keeps me searching for a way to tell my story.

Today I found myself, at 6AM, still in bed, sipping coffee and scrolling through the news headlines. Remember when I vowed to break this habit? I intended to build a better me. The truth is, I’m not comfortable with the idea of a better me. It implies that the me I am isn’t good enough. But another truth is that I miss those dark winter mornings when I wrapped myself in words to stave off the cold. 

And so, here I am again. 

4 thoughts on “Singing Dragons and a Better Me

  1. marianslattery

    I too love cold winter mornings and that chill is in the air just now. It seems our different selves are fickle with each other. They trick us out of one intention into another and so we stay abed one morning and write about it another. So it goes along our path. I do wish you the best with your ideas for a book and my breath caught for just a moment at “would I have to quit teaching,” for I have been blessed to have found you in a yoga studio, so long ago.


    • Oh how I like that idea – staying in bed one morning and writing about it on another. Warms the soul, that idea. 🙂


  2. kathy witkowsky

    Congrats, Mimm!!!! Do not underestimate the importance and power of setting down this proposal, and then–big step–sending it. Even if it doesn’t get accepted by this publisher, I guarantee that the act of writing it has already changed you. I also want to suggest that perhaps instead of trying to become a “better” you, that you think of fully manifesting your gifts. Which is what I think we’re all here to do.

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    • You’re so right, Kathy. As I wrote, I was never comfortably with the idea of a ‘better me’ – I’m just fine as I am. But honoring my strengths by being present for them – what better way to manifest a gift.


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