Listen to Your Mother!

Me and Mom

“Do what your mother says – enjoy NOW.”

This was my mom’s response after an email exchange where I bemoaned the fact that I would really love to purchase this Sparrowharp. Except that its purchase would put a pretty big dent in my budget.  It’s not that I couldn’t do it, it’s just that – well –isn’t giving myself this gift just a wee bit self-indulgent? What does one do with a Sparrowharp anyway?  Besides, there’re starving children to feed, homeless folks to shelter and animals to rescue. And don’t even mention the debt ceiling.  We’re in the middle of a fiscal crises and I’m thinking about purchasing a custom-built Autoharp?  Why?  I should be investing in my future, not buying musical instruments I can barely play.  I should be donating to charity, not blowing my savings on a hobby.  I should be saving the world.  I should be…I should be… I should be more responsible.  Shouldn’t I?

Or maybe, just maybe, if I want to save the world, I should think about saving myself first.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that joy begins at home.  We need to remember to nurture our own spirit and embrace what makes us happy.  When we understand how to bring joy into our own lives, we’ll find the strength to be a source of joy for others.

Am I going to buy the Sparrowharp?  I’m still thinking about it.  Playing music is a source of joy for me – it takes me out of head and into my heart.  For that reason alone, a Sparrowharp sounds like a pretty good investment.

Besides, a kid should always take her mom’s advice, right?

ps…if you want to hear me pluck out a wee tune on my guitar click here, and then click “Girl From the North Country.”

6 thoughts on “Listen to Your Mother!

  1. Kathleen

    I don’t know why, but I have been doing a lot of “scrolling” lately regarding some weird and wonderful instruments. I’m fascinated by the
    theremin, the hang, and the not-so-weird dulcimer. Maybe I do know why…I have a strong urge to play music. The kind that comes from the heart and soothes the soul, but does not require any classical training. If you have found an instrument that speaks to you, either buy it, a used one, or a cheaper version of it. I don’t think you will be sorry. Meanwhile, I am still on the lookout for the one that speaks the loudest to me.


    • Think I’m goin’ for the Sparrowharp – once you’ve played one of Evo’s instruments you can’t really go back…uh…theremin??? Gotta go Google that one!


  2. How blessed you are to have such a mom!
    Whether you buy it or not… a mom who supports your dreams and joy is priceless! Happy music to your ears!


  3. buy your Sparrowharp 🙂 I used to play the classical guitar and spent thousands of pounds 30years ago on a concert guitar. The tone was beautiful and it brought me great pleasure. I was very musical and used to practice 3hours at least everyday until I injured my hand and could play no more.

    Buy the harp – life is too short and enjoy. Besides which, in this recession the guy you will be buying it from will be grateful because he has to eat as well.You will be feeding his family and keeping people in work.

    Millions have been spent on the starving and they are still starving – while rich bankers squander millions and bring the country to its knees.

    As a once fellow musician Go for it!!!


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