Time for an Upgrade

Mimm.1 is Being Upgraded!

Look for the Launch of the New and Improved

Mimm.2 around August 31.

New features of Mimm.2 include:

  • Greater depth of knowledge – particularly regarding anatomy for yogis
  • Broader understanding of a posture’s effect on the human body
  • The ability to adjust postures to suit an individual’s strengths
  • Longer battery life through improved diet and exercise
  • Better dress sense (well, probably not but I live in hope!)

And reduced:

  • Self indulgence
  • Tendency, at times, to believe she’s the Center of the Universe
  • Reduced over-sharing (nope – not gonna happen!)

I’ll be back to my regular schedule at California Yoga Center on Tuesday, September 7th.

Classes at Avenidas Senior Center begin on Monday, September 13th.

2 thoughts on “Time for an Upgrade

  1. Kim

    I love this, especially the “longer battery life”.

    And because I’m weird, I have to add that I also love the striped blanket in the photo. Which I know is totally not the point–but I’m still an unenlightened early version of myself.


    • The striped blanket is Irish – probably from the Convoy Woolen Mills. Photo was taken on my last visit to Donegal and I was SO COLD AND TIRED!!!


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