My Teaching Schedule

My Teaching Philosophy:

I love to feel the shape I’m making with my body and so, in my classes, we stay and explore the pose before moving on to the next.  That’s why I call some of my classes “slow flow.”  I believe perfect alignment is about aesthetics.  I focus on alignment principles that keep you safe, not pretty.  I believe we are already over-stimulated by our lives and so, when I use music, it layers into the practice – somewhere in the back of the brain, almost unnoticed.  I try not to talk too much (although sometimes I don’t succeed).  I want you to feel the practice in your body and in your soul.  And I hope my teaching offers space for that to happen.

My current schedule:

Samyama Yoga Studio, 2995 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto

Drop-in classes are available at Samyama but don’t forget to ask about our Bay Area Bhakti Special for individuals traveling more than 15 miles.  We also have a  Good Neighbor Special for those who live nearby.  Discounts are also offered via the “green” ticket if  you bike or take public transportation to the studio.

RISE: GENTLE FLOW – Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15 to 9:15 AM – Shakti Reset is a breath-informed slow flow that strengthens, calms and prepares us for the day.


Subud House, 330 Melville Avenue, Palo Alto 

Join us each Thursday morning from 9 to 10 AM for a gentle flow that gets the blood moving, the joints warm and the heart beating.  Suitable for beginning and intermediate students.  We’re on the second floor of Subud, in a ‘gently distressed’ space.  Please bring a mat and props.  $15 drop-in; series payments available.

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