Life Coaching


Is illness, injury or chronic pain disrupting your life? Is it a distraction that prevents you from living the creative and purpose-focused life you promised yourself?

I can help you keep that promise. Let’s design a foundation on which to build habits that support your physical and mental health. We’ll reawaken your sense of purpose by visiting the values important to you and spark a new, creative approach to living. It’s time to get off the couch.

Although I’m new to coaching I’m not new to life. In fact I’m in my third act. My best act. I’m a yoga therapist, a writer, an artist and now – I’m a coach.

My life, like yours, has been a roller coaster filled with the good, the bad and the unexpected. For example, I didn’t expect to leave California in 1994 for a decade-long adventure in Donegal, Ireland. It was there I learned to use a chop saw to make pine furniture. It was there I became a sports massage therapist and ran my own business. But I struggled in Ireland and it was there I learned the meaning of resilience. I survived my struggles. The empathy shown by neighbors and friends helped me find my way back home. It’s something I’ve never forgotten.

At home, I didn’t expect to build a career working with underserved individuals living with chronic pain. The lessons I learned in Ireland taught me to facilitate yoga, writing and contemplative craft classes with joy and compassion. I feel blessed to be part of two pain management teams in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Coaching came into my life eight years ago as a track I could take while earning my masters in transpersonal psychology. But the timing was off and I put coach training on hold. The door re-opened last year and I began my studies with International Coach Academy.

Your walk through life should express who you are with authenticity and purpose. But sometimes the noise of chronic pain is too loud. Let’s work together to dull the noise and to bring clarity and hope back into your life.

Together we have a menu of creative options to build the coaching environment that works best for you. We might spend our time together focused on pure coaching or we might blend coaching with yoga, writing or craft. The length of each coaching session varies depending on the path we choose.

Contact me for a free 20-minute Discovery Session.

Coaching sessions last approximately 45 minutes long and on a sliding scale between $75-$120.

You can find out more about my approach to coaching by downloading The Grace Coaching Model.


“Mimm is a trained Life Coach in the best sense — the champion of Veterans sense, the advocate for the elderly sense, the guided autobiography, baby steps, look-at-yourself sense. To say she has a following is to understate the obvious.”

Karen R.