Salad Days: Spinach, Strawberry & Feta

It’s hot.

We’ve had the coldest spring I can remember. Yesterday we were still wearing sweatshirts. But that came to an end today when we finally pulled out our shorts and summer dresses. That can mean only one thing…

It’s Salad Season.

My salads tend to be complex, overwrought and tedious. I like to fill my bowl with a rainbow of chopped, sliced and diced veggies.  But today, given the heat, I wanted something fast and easy to prepare. And of course it had to be delicious. Just a few ingredients dressed in a simple balsamic.

XZl1rtnOTs2WSmHoWsxVLQI had a handful of almost past their prime strawberries from last Sunday’s farmers’ market, some organic spinach and a container of crumbled feta. Ten minutes of slicing, tearing, toasting and mixing and I was done.

The proportion of spinach to strawberry is up to you. Same with the feta. I wanted a bit more crunch and so I added lightly toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds (having to turn on the stove for a few minutes was worth it).


dnsdnv0rgorxsss53jdtq.jpgFinally, my balsamic dressing was about a two to one mix of Good Faith Farm olive oil – again from the Farmers’ Market – and Napa Valley balsamic vinegar (I do almost everything by taste). A twist or two of the pepper mill and viola!

What are your favorite salads? I have a hankering to try heirloom tomato and watermelon next.