Guided Autobiography

9F61C78F-98F4-4952-B808-307B50D191E1_1_201_aSince the mid-1970’s Guided Autobiography (GAB) has been a method for helping people document their life stories. Researched and developed by Dr. James Birrin, participants are led through themes and priming questions that evoke memories of events once known but filed away and seemingly forgotten. 

Writing and sharing our life stories with others is an ideal way to find new meaning in life and to put life events into perspective. Each week we bring to class a two-page story based on that week’s theme. As we share our stories we begin to share a deep connection with one another as we gain a greater appreciation for our own lives and the lives of other. 

GAB is a powerful catalyst for improved self-esteem, self-confidence and communication within our communities and our families. 

I’ve experienced these benefits first hand when I had the opportunity to study with Cheryl Svensson, Ph.D. Currently the Director of the Birren Center, Dr. Svensson worked with Dr. Birrin for twenty years and co-wrote Writing Your Legacy: The Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Life Story.

NEW! 6-Week Guided Autobiography Class Beginning Thursday, October 15th from 4:00-5:30 PM

Tuition is sliding scale between $60 – $120. Please pay what you can afford and if it is still an issue please reach out. Class size is limited to six.

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