Module 1: The Chakras

Module One: A New Perspective



Weeks 1 through 7

A Beginners Guide to the Chakras 

Over the next seven weeks we’ll be anchoring our practice on our study of the chakras.

We’ll build yoga sequences that heighten awareness of specific chakras. 

Our creative expression exercises will further support the balance of each chakra.

Chakras are non-physical energy centers.  We can not see nor can we touch them, but we might sense them in the same way that we can feel a breeze on our skin. The chakras and the nadis, lines that connect the chakras, form yoga’s energetic system. Think of it as an invisible, spiritual circulatory system for our psyche.

The word chakra means “wheel of energy.” Each chakra runs through the body at a location that roughly correlates to a specific nerve plexus. I believe keeping our chakras spinning happily supports the health of those bundles of nerves. 

Each week we’ll learn about each chakra’s own symbol and sound, it’s color and food. The emotional indicators of a blocked chakra and actions we might take to unblock a chakra. We’ll practice yoga sequences and breathing techniques that support the vitality of each chakra. Finally, we’ll look at ways we can continue our practice outside of class.

You do not have to believe that chakras exist to benefit from this module. One of my favorite teachers, Paul Grilley, says this:

“All philosophies are useful. All philosophies are incomplete. 

Do not be attached to them.”

As we work through this material hold space for one another’s ideas and beliefs. Take what you need from the journey and feel free to set aside the rest. We all have our own way of being in the world. That’s something to be celebrated.