A Personal Philosophy

For decades I skated on the surface. I managed. Falling through the ice would require too much courage. I was scared and I did not want to open myself to that level of vulnerability.

But, of course, the ice has cracked. It had to. And now I have plunged beneath the surface. In doing so I have taken my very first authentic breath.

I believe that, eventually, we are all asked to plunge beneath the surface. There are those who find resonance and comfort through art. There are those for whom communication and self-exploration can only happen when the talking stops. And there are those for whom re-discovering the language of movement happens through the structure and repose of asana practice.

Because I have been on a path that has led to this version of my mutable truth I believe I can hold space for others to discover their mutable truth, too.

I am a yoga therapist, writer, artist and transformational life coach. I have a passion for supporting personal journeys toward a more creative engagement with life through self-discovery, movement, writing and contemplative craft. I weave a gentle and relaxed approach to both yoga and coaching with good humor and joy.

Practically Twisted Values

  • I honor the truth that we have our own unique voice and own unique path
  • I understand that laughter is healing
  • I know that to be present for this moment means owning our past
  • I believe acceptance is not surrender – committing to our values lets us shine

What is Practically Twisted?

  • Movement 
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Coaching
  • Guided Autobiography & Journaling
  • Soul Collage®
  • Contemplative Crafts

Practically Twisted Clients

  • Anyone who appreciates a unique approach to creating change
  • Anyone needing support navigating a ‘new normal’
  • Anyone reconnecting with their body after illness or injury
  • People with chronic pain
  • Anyone who understands it takes more than words to speak our truth

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